We believe in God and Jesus as the Christ while accepting other traditions, practices, neighbors of other faiths, and other members of the body of Christ.


We extend Christ’s invitation to everyone to share the Lord’s Table in worship.

We celebrate believer’s baptism as a symbol of commitment and of God’s grace.

We provide a place of peace, comfort, and safety.

We empower all people who call FCC home, regardless of membership, to do ministry here as they feel called. All are invited to participate in any aspect of worship, study, and service.

Spiritual Growth and Study

We provide opportunities to deepen spirituality.

We encourage questioning as a way to seek theological understanding.

We are grounded in Biblical study and reflection.

Service and Outreach

We recognize that we are all part of the family of God and seek peace and justice for all people and our home the earth.

We support missions locally and worldwide, and work independently and jointly with other churches, interfaith groups, social service agencies, and civic organizations.

We meet individual and community needs with tangible action and authentic relationships.

We open our doors to the community through the arts, festivals, workshops and programs, our health ministry, and show our hospitality in good food and good company.