Carbondale FCC is a congregationally-governed body, practicing board meetings open to all. In keeping with the traditions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the ultimate authority of the local church rests with the congregation, and the actions of the The Board are at all times subject to review by the congregation.

Regular meetings are held at least quarterly and The Board conducts its affairs in harmony with the bylaws and constitution of the congregation. Board Meetings for 2018 will follow worship on:

Feb. 4          March 4         April 29         June 3         Aug. 19         Sept. 23

Oct. 21 (2019 Budget Finalized/Nominating Committee Report)

Nov. 11 OR 18 (Annual Congregational Meeting Following Thanksgiving Potluck)

Dec. 2 if necessary

The nine voting members of The Board currently are:

Chair– Dia Parr
Vice-Chair — Mary Nemetsky
Treasurer/Finance Avenue of Service Leader — Marcia Phelps
Financial Secretary – Al Parr
Congregational Care Avenue of Service Leader – Juli Claussen
Facilities Avenue of Service Leader – John Lenzini
Outreach Avenue of Service Leader – Vanessa Thomas
One representative of the trustees – John Phelps or Jak Tichenor or Tim Damian
Interim Minister — Karen Knodt

Elders and Deacons serve as lay leaders of ministry and are also elected by the congregation. Current Elders and Deacons are:


Martha Beck

Susan Benson

Lynda Bock

Juli Claussen

Suzanne Gorrell

Dia Parr

Al Parr

Gayle Pesavento

John Phelps

Marcia Phelps

Marleen Shepherd

Jak Tichenor

Donna Waller

Sharon Williams


Christy Christensen

Kathy Deutsch

Eileen Trout Ervin

Chris Jennings

Tina Knight

John Nemetsky

Mary Nemetsky

Jodi Paul

Cathy Schlosser

Theresa Ullman

Carol Waldron

Roger Webb

Mike Williams