Like all living things, we owe our identity to those who came before us and to the stimulating challenge of adapting appropriately and effectively to become a “body of Christ” in our time and place.

Historically our particular contribution to Christianity in the United States is rooted in the ideals of democracy and the inherent worth and freedom of the individual. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is the first denomination to be born on U.S soil leaving behind the need for creeds or doctrines as tests of fellowship and emphasizing the importance of in-depth biblical study enriched through scientific inquiry, individual conscience, and community engagement. The Carbondale First Christian Church was founded in 1862, thirty years following the founding of the denomination.

Christian unity is our polar star and you will find the Disciples at work building bridges of understanding and fellowship in local, national and international, ecumenical and service organizations. We also show respect for other faiths in our community through active dialogues and interactions.

To find out more about our denomination the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) visit www.disciples.org.