The sanctuary of FCC is a beautiful and sacred space for a wedding. We’ve been an Open and Affirming congregation for over ten years and welcome weddings whatever the genders of the couple. Love is love!

For additional information or to reserve your special date, please contact us.  Here are the guidelines we have for weddings:

Carbondale FCC requires:    

  • The Pastor of the congregation be part of all weddings occurring in the sanctuary. rings
  • The Pastor’s availability and deposit to secure the date.
  • Planning and long-term conversation with the Pastor prior to the wedding.
  • Arrangements for music be made through FCC’s staff
  • The use of FCC’s sound technician when using FCC equipment
  • All fees paid in full two weeks prior to the wedding.

Other special requirements for building use include:

  • Rice and potpourri will not be thrown on church property. Bird seed may be used in months that ice and snow are improbable.
  • Aisle cloths will not be used in the sanctuary because of the hazard to both the wedding party and guests. Other restrictions may apply when safety is a concern.
  • Use of alcohol or tobacco is not allowed in the building.
  • FCC facilities will be closed by 10 p.m.
  • Arrangements for decorations, food service or movement of furnishings or pulpits must have prior approval of the pastor.
  • Damages to church facilities during rental, which results in repair costs, are the responsibility of the renter.


  • Building use of rehearsal and wedding paid to FCC $400
  • $200 down is required to secure the date. Maximum use is 2 hours for rehearsal and 4 hours for the wedding. Use of facilities aver over
  • 6 hours will result in an additional fee of $50/hour
  • Contribution paid to pastor $175
  • Fee paid to organist/pianist $125
  • Fee paid to custodians $125
  • Use of candlelabras $ 50
  • Fee paid for sound technician $ 65